Successor Paul, the Apostle serves as the creative Pastor at Seasoned Christian Ministry Church in Miami, Florida. He is a Pastor, known for his elocution, providing lessons of faith around the world, but above all else, he enjoys seeing lives changed. Together with his beautiful family, they strive to use a variety sources to spread the gospel of Christ and others for salvation.

An Audience of the Most Demanding

I first give thanks to my God through Jesus Christ about all of you, that your faith is renowned throughout the world.


Imagine yourself preparing a presentation whose theme is "the meaning of life".  Late at night, in front of a cup of coffee, you prepare a lecture providing a glimpse of what the Christian faith means to you.  You spend a lot of time on this duty, after all this presentation may be the only clear expression of your faith that your audience will ever have the opportunity to hear.  In the middle of a few dozen listeners, you could have thousands of readers, so certainly you would devote more time and the ultimate care to writing it.  

A letter addressed to the entire world as an audience lets your imagination wander even more.  How would you react if you were asked to adapt the same speech for the front page of a newspaper or for a Journal that has well-educated and demanding readers?  When writing for this type readership, you would immediately reflect on the meaning of each word, you would refine your style and you would make sure your ideas are whole and well expressed.  A similar process can be seen in the various epistles of Paul.  Some of his writings were like an intimate exhibit, intended for a small group of people he knew by name.  These letters often consisted of warm and personal advice, sometimes including father-like reprimands. 


Globe ...the very title of this book evokes the powerful empire that had dominated the Western world.  For people in Paul's day, Rome was the center of the “Globe” in every sense of the word in the areas of rights, culture, power, and knowledge.  A letter to this educated audience must have been impressive.  In Romans, Paul poses brilliantly the foundations of the Christian doctrine, which at that time was still transmitted orally from city to city then later written.  Indeed, he wanted to convince those discerning listeners that Christ had the answers to all the important questions of life.  Literary enthusiasts are often asked the following question; which book would you like to have at your disposal if you found yourself alone on a desert island?  J.P. gives a classic answer: “Thomas's practical guide to shipbuilding”!  If the same question were asked about a single book in the Bible, many Christians would choose Romans.  Brief, yet complete, it summarizes the Christian faith.  In spite of his very complete teachings, Romans is not a cold book of theology.  Great awakenings in the history of the Church have occurred following the study of this book.  The spiritual revivals of Augustine, Martin Luther and John Wesley are all rooted in the reading of Romans.  It provides Paul's definitive answer to questions about the "meaning of life".



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