Updated: Mar 9

SEASONED CHRISTIAN MINISTRY CHURCH BY SUCCESSOR PAUL THE APOSTLE COPY OF JESUS ​​CHRIST OF NAZARETH: Sometimes, and especially after a season of pain, mourning, fear and panic, I feel like it's impossible for me to hear what God really wants to tell me. But, the moment I open my Bible, I realize that He has left me with a history of men and women through whom I can see and hear what He expects of me.

My friends, everything Jesus has planned for you is still relevant today! The better part is up to you, and you alone.

No matter how hard you go, never give up! For it is always at the feet of Jesus Christ that you will find the strength, peace and joy to move forward. Although all kinds of distractions fill your life, you can choose the best that God has for you.

The Word of God is full of examples to follow and not to follow. Here is the example of Mary that we must follow: "She came and sat down at the feet of Jesus, and she listened to what He was saying. Meanwhile, Martha was busy with the many works that the service required. She approached Jesus and said to Him: Master, do you not mind seeing that my sister leaves me alone to serve? Tell her therefore to help me. But the Lord answered her: Martha, Martha, you are worry and you get agitated about many things; there is only one that is really necessary. Mary has chosen the best part, and no one will take it away from her. " (Read Luke 10.39-42.)

Today, as the world saturates your life with all kinds of distractions, choose the better part! I join with you in praying, "Lord, I don't want to let any voice, occupation, or distraction stop me from living at Your feet. The best part is mine and I want to grab it! Amen." SERVE FAITHFULLY! SUCCESSOR PAUL, THE APOSTLE COPY OF JESUS ​​CHRIST OF NAZARETH (THE RABBAN PASTOR JACQUELIN PAUL ELOCUTIONIST) CONTACT US AT P.O.BOX 681783 MIAMI, FLORIDA 33168-1783.