SEASONED CHRISTIAN MINISTRY CHURCH BY SUCCESSOR PAUL THE APOSTLE COPY OF JESUS ​​CHRIST OF NAZARETH: How many times have I found myself before the throne of God crying and complaining, saying, "But Lord, why do I feel like I always do sow and never reap? Why do You make me wait so long? " My friends, what to do when the harvest is slow in coming? Should we give up or sing out complaints and complaints? One thing is certain: God is never late! I would prefer Him to be early, but God is the Master of Time. He set all the limits of the Earth. It is He who made the seasons (Psalms 74.17). "He does everything good in His time; even He put in their hearts the thought of eternity, though man cannot grasp the work that God is doing from beginning to end" (Ecclesiastes 3.11). Yes, God makes everything beautiful and good in His time, and not according to ours! If God is waiting to release the harvest, it is because we are not ready to receive it. My friends, never forget that God is the Alpha and the Omega and therefore He has the eternal vision of our life! God thinks in the light of eternity, while we interpret EVERYTHING from our earthly perspective. Today, I encourage you to pray with me: "Lord Jesus, I understood that You are working my heart according to Your eternal plan. I decide to trust You more than ever! If You feel that the harvest must wait, this It is because my heart must be worked without delay. So go ahead Lord, work my heart! I am ready. I love you, Jesus. Amen. " SERVE FAITHFULLY! SUCCESSOR PAUL, THE APOSTLE COPY OF JESUS ​​CHRIST OF NAZARETH (THE RABBAN PASTOR JACQUELIN PAUL ELOCUTIONIST) CONTACT US AT P.O.BOX 681783 MIAMI FL 33168-1783.

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