Updated: Feb 19

Seasoned Christian Ministry Church, under the guidance of Pastor Jacquelin Paul is seeking to expand its online ministry to a physical church in the Miami, Florida area in order to offer worship, guidance and services to our local community. We are a non-profit organization offering our help to those in need. As you know, financial support is extremely important in order to secure a property, so we are asking anyone that can help to donate in order for us to purchase our church building. Every donation counts and is appreciated! It is our mission and purpose to pay forward your kindness to help those that suffer and need the most basic things we take for granted such as food, shelter and clothing under shining love of God and those of us that work in the name of Jesus Christ. Our organization’s ability to continue to operate and expand into a local Church is largely in the hands of the generous support of individual donors who believe in our mission, as well as gifts from businesses and corporations. Thank you for considering our request.


ZELLE: (786) 366-7914

OR MAILING IT AT: P.O.BOX 681783 MIAMI, FLORIDA 33168-1783. Most Sincerely, Pastor Jacquelin Paul